Boston up-date

Boston singer Tommy DeCarlo says he knows as much as the fans do about when Tom Scholz will release their next album. But he insists it will be worth the wait. DeCarlo has been with the band for four years, but took over the mic full-time last year following the departure of Michael Sweet. He landed the job after writing a tribute song to classic-era frontman Brad Delp, who committed suicide in 2007. Mainman Scholz has been working on the follow-up release to 2002′s Corporate America for several years. In 2011 he said it was “85percent complete” and rumours suggest it will see the light of day in 2013. DeCarlo tells OnMilwaukee: “Unfortunately I don’t have a time frame on that. Tom’s quite a perfectionist when it comes to his sound and his music. It’s not always done in a timely fashion. “But when it gets done, it’s fantastic. I’m with all the fans – I’m excited to hear it myself. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

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