Jane's Addiction up-date

Jane's Addiction is in the process of working on their fifth album... a project Perry Farrell believes is possibly the band's "greatest achievement" ever. "The next album is going to be something that the world has never experienced," he tells Billboard.com.
 "I'm building it simultaneously with the live show in mind and it's just going to be out of sight!" Following the band's latest stretch of tour dates, in support of 2011's "The Great Escape Artist," Farrell found himself with time on his hands and the ability to really dig in and begin to conceptualize new material. "I've been kind of injured. I had a knee operation when I got off the road but the good news is that it gave me time to sit and write," he says. "I haven't written like this since I was in my 20's. I was kind of forced to write and I'm just having such a great time and it's coming out so well. When you take that much time to write and think about music and the show, good things are going to happen."

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