Thin Lizzy change their name

Facebook status update by Thin Lizzy reveals that the band is reforming under the name "Black Star Riders". Scott Gorham ( guitarist for the band ) revealed in an interview with Noise11.com that the change will take place following the upcoming Australian tour with Kiss and Mötley Crüe, and that recording for Black Star Riders would begin in January 2013 in Los Angeles. They will be produced by Kevin Shirley, who has also worked with Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. Gorham assures that the band will continue to play some Thin Lizzy tracks on tour, but will focus mostly on the new record by Black Star Riders: 
"Because everybody knows where we came from and what we do, it is kind of a must. We will be playing most of the Black Star Riders album but I don't think we'd get away without playing a few Thin Lizzy songs." The record is due to be released in May 2013 through the label Nuclear Blast.

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