30th Anniversary of “Hot For Teacher” from VH

“Hot for Teacher” Song Facts... 

 1) It is the last single and music video released by Van Halen before the departure of David Lee Roth in 1985. 

 2) The single peaked on the U.S. charts at #56. With its huge popularity over the last 30 years, its surprising it didn’t chart a lot higher! It often appears on “Best Of” lists for songs, guitar solos, and music videos. 

3) Eddie used a 1958 Gibson “Flying V” guitar to record this track, from the 1984 album. 

 4) For the layered effect at the beginning, Alex Van Halen strung together four bass drums. The rest of it he played using two. It is a great example of double bass drumming. 

 5) The ending of this song comes from a demo song from the band’s club days, entitled “Voodoo Queen.” 

 6) To simulate the quiet interludes live (recorded using the neck pickup on the V turned down low in the studio), Eddie used a Roland echo unit with the volume turned down, which he activated from his pedal board. 

 7) Van Halen performed this song in South Park’s episode “Ginger Cow,” which aired in 2013. Watch it here. 

 8) There’s live performance footage of this song from Castle Donington, England, during the Aug 18th, 1984 Monsters of Rock date. 

 9) The TV show Glee covered this song on the 11/15/11 episode. Great to see the song appealing to the kids, but we’ll stick to the Van Halen version! 

 10) An Oakland University student was suspended after writing an essay titled ‘Hot for Teacher.’ He later sued the school for 2.2 million.

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