Mick Mars up-date

When Motley Crue first announced their touring retirement, Mick Mars stated that a solo album was in his future plans. Now it has been revealed that those dreams are finally coming to fruition. "35 years ago I was working on a demo with this guitar player from a band called Vendetta. A year later I ran into him again in LA and he asked me to help him mix the first album of his new band called Motley Crue. After that we both went our own busy ways," said legendary producer Michael Wagener. "35 years later the circle is closed and Mick Mars and myself are working together with Tommy Henriksen on Mick's solo album. Mick's music is some of the best stuff I have heard in many years and I am honored to be part of it. Prepare to get hit by a freight train."

 Over the years Wagener has worked with countless hard rock bands, including Accept, Dokken, Great White, Alice Cooper, Skid Row and Warrant. Henriksen also has an impressive resume, collaborating with such artsist as Alice Cooper, George Lynch and Warlock/Doro. Another face from Mars' past may also get invloved with the album. John Corabi, who fronted Motley Crue on their 1994 self-titled album, recently told the Do You Know Jack? Radio Show, "Mick and I have had some discussions about possibly going in and doing some writing together and doing a record, and maybe going out and doing some shows. So we'll see how that works."

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