Van Halen "Live" CD

Van Halen will release 'Tokyo Dome Live In Concert', their first live album with David Lee Roth this month, and Van Halen remastered reissues are on the way as well. 'Tokyo Dome Live In Concert' was recorded on 6/21/13 at the Tokyo Dome, Japan. It features 23 songs from the seven David Lee Roth albums. 

In addition, Van Halen will reissue remastered versions of the debut album 'Van Halen' and the band's biggest album '1984'. 

Van Halen Tokyo Dome 
Live In Concert:

'Runnin' With The Devil' 
'She's The Woman' 
'I'm The One' 
'Everybody Wants Some!!' 
'Somebody Get Me A Doctor' 
'Hear About It Later' 
'(Oh) Pretty Woman' 
'Me & You' (Drum Solo) 
'You Really Got Me' 
'Dance The Night Away' 
'I'll Wait' 'Cradle Will Rock' 
'Hot For Teacher' 
'Women In Love' 
'Romeo Delight' 
'Mean Street' 
'Beautiful Girls' 
'Ice Cream Man' 
'Eruption' (Guitar Solo) 
'Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love' 

Warner Music will release 'Tokyo Dome Live In Concert' as a double CD, a four LP set on 180 gram vinyl and the reissues of 'Van Halen' and '1984' on 3/30/18 in the USA.

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  1. - My prediction... the new Van Halen " Live In Tokyo" CD will be the worst selling VH album ever!!! After seeing them in Chicago on that tour & listening to the 2 tracks they've released so far for the Live CD... Dave just dosn't sound the way he use to in his prime and the glory days of VH from the 80's are over :(