Stevie Ray Vaughan Fans Only

Caught on tape: Stevie Ray Vaughan rehearses “Let’s Dance” with David Bowie. Despite Bowie’s generous offer to take him on tour, in 1983 Texas blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan declined the offer just before the start of Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour in pursuit of his own interests. Stevie did, however, participate in tour rehearsals with David Bowie and his band. Recorded live at the Las Calinas Soundstage in Dallas, this audio features Stevie Ray Vaughan running through “Let’s Dance” – Some highlights of the “Let’s Dance” rehearsal include the explosive solo that Stevie plays beginning at 3:41 and running until the end of the song nearly two minutes later, and at the end you can hear Stevie, David, and the rest of the band complimenting each other on a job well done.

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