Guns N’ Roses up-date

The reunited Guns N’ Roses will film a new video in London this week. A UK network called Casting Call Pro has posted an online ad for two "kidnapping bad ass chicks" (ages 18 to 26) to appear in a Guns 'n' Roses video shoot on February 6. 

 “This is a narrative film for hip hop group,” reads the details of the production. “The video follows the artist who has been kidnapped by a gang of female kick ass bad chicks. The film is ‘Oceans 11/12/13’ meets ‘Reservoir Dogs’ with slick cuts, split screen, etc. “2 female kidnappers take the artist hostage and set up a ransom video where the artist performs into. The 2 female kidnappers will wear balaclavas and knee length bomber jackets, which will be provided. The hostages are are kick ass gun wielding bad girls.” As expected, Guns N’ Roses have not publicly confirmed any plans for the possible video shoot ahead of the group’s 2016 reunion tour launch in Las Vegas in April.

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