The Price For a Happy Marriage

A new study found it costs approximately $381,000 to have a happy marriage. Here’s how it breaks down...

$30,000 goes toward a wedding & honeymoon.
$2,000 a year for date nights. That would be three dates a month at around $55 each. 
$800 a year for nights in. That’s three nights a month. 
$435 a year for gifts and surprises. 
$680 a year for jewelry. 
$277 a year for lingerie. 
$232 a year on clothes and shoes for special occasions. 
$922 a year on weekends away. 
$2,400 a year on vacations. 

That works out to $7,746 total every year. 
Over 45 years, plus the wedding, it adds up to about $381,000. 

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