CNN Sucks

I have always been a News Hound... Ever since I was a kid. Growing up with Walter Cronkite on CBS in the 70's and watching my dad get mad at Richard Nixon & Watergate & The Vietnam War. I dont know why but I enjoy being informed!! Everyday I wake up 2 check the news to see if ISIS nuked New York or see what the world went thur while I was asleep. 

CNN has change their format.... instead of posting the news.... they post the news... and they have 3 or 4 people talk about it. Then they'll post more news ...and they have 3 or 4 people talk about it. FOXNEWS does the same thing??? I could care less the views of those three or four people about the news... 

All I want is a news and that's it... THATS IS MY RANT- THANK U & GO ON WITH UR DAY


  1. PS. I posted this on every CNN & FOXNEWS web site & Facebook site I could find :)

  2. if u find this right & watch CNN as much as I do --- copy & paste & send it to CNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!