Whitesnake up-date

David Coverdale has revealed plans to retire next year - the anniversary of his breakthrough seventh Whitesnake album. And he's added that he initially considered last year's The Purple Album, a tribute to his former band, as his farewell project.
Coverdale tells Rolling Stone: "I was trying to retire. I reached out to Blackmore after 30 years of hostility to bury the hatchet. We started communicating into 2013, when he asked me to speak to his manager about either a Blackmore-Coverdale or some kind of Purple thing. "But I couldn't agree with the ideas that they had. So I thought, 'Well, this will be my farewell album.'" He adds: "It did so f***ing well, it's like, now I'm looking at retiring next year, on the 30th anniversary of the 1987 album."

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