Feel More Relaxed

How to Feel More Relaxed in Thirty Seconds. 

1.Laugh. Studies have shown it releases tension, reduces blood pressure, and can even lower your blood sugar levels. 

2.Eat an orange. Or anything else with vitamin C, like other types of fruit, including blueberries or strawberries. Studies have found foods that are high in vitamin C can lower your blood pressure and calm you down. 

3.Go outside. A recent study in Scotland found that being in nature helps you relax, even if it’s just a tree-lined street. And a study in 2010 showed that walking around in fresh air can boost your mood in less than five minutes. 

4.Rub on some rose oil. A recent study in Thailand found it lowers blood pressure and slows down your breathing. And it’s not just because of the smell. It even worked when people wore masks and couldn’t smell it. 

5.Walk into another room. A 2011 study at Notre Dame found that when you change your environment, your brain essentially resets itself. So if you’re stressed about something, just walk into another room and see if it helps. 

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