RATT is back

Stephen Pearcy has announced "the return of the real RATT" in 2017, presumably featuring the band's original singer, along with guitarist Warren DeMartini and bassist Juan Croucier. 

 A court ruling on 11/8/16 apparently decided in Croucier's favor over RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer with respect to whether Croucier had committed trademark infringement by using the RATT name and logo to advertise his band RATT'S Juan Croucier back in the fall 2015. In addition, the judge decided that the corporation WBS, Inc., of which Blotzer and DeMartini were thought to be the sole shareholders, and which Blotzer has claimed owns the RATT name and brand, did not have ownership interest in the RATT marks and that the name and brand was still owned by the members who were part of the original RATT partnership agreement, including Pearcy and Croucier.

 A 11/28/16 message on Pearcy's Twitter account reads: "Be ready 2017! From out of the cellar the return of the real RATT."

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