The Best Hangover Cures

Why is it that drinking 8 glasses of water is so hard to drink, but drinking 20 beers seems like no small feet? Add in a couple of shots and all thoughts of drinking water probably went by the wayside the night prior. The hangover is your body’s way of tell you, "I need some water.” Listen to your body, and drink some water.

It’s not loaded with caffeine like coffee, but the carbonated sugar water has a calming effect on your stomach and better helps your body metabolize alcohol by speeding up our ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase, believed to be the culprit for hangover symptoms.

“There is no research that shows that sex will make a hangover go away, but maybe it will make the time go faster,” says Joris C. Verster, Ph.D., assistant professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. “If it makes you happy, go for it.”

More Alcohol:
They don’t call it the “Hair of the Dog” for nothing. Why suffer a hangover when you can start partying all over again? Soon you won’t care or remember that you woke up hungover. They call that “The Shampoo Effect.”

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