Credit Card Help Tips

A new survey looked at the things your credit card company will usually do for you if you just call them up and ask: 

Waive a late payment fee. 25% surveyed had asked, and it worked 87% of the time. Just don’t make it a habit. 

Up your credit limit. 28% asked, it worked 89% of the time. 

Lower your interest rate. 19% asked, and it worked 69% of the time. 

Waive their annual fee. Only 11% asked for it. 51% had it waived and another 31% ended up paying a lower fee. That’s an 82% success rate. 

The survey found that it’s harder for young people to get a yes on all the stuff listed. Once you’re in your mid-to-late 20’s, your chances go up. 
Read more at CreditCards.com.

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