Customize your resumé...

60% of hiring managers said they’re more likely to give you a second look if you do.

Include a cover letter. They didn’t say if they prefer a separate file. But most people just paste it in their email when they apply for jobs now. Just don’t send a blank email with your resumé attached

List your skill sets first. So you might want to think about listing your job SKILLS before your work experience and education.

Send your resumé to a specific person, and include their name in the email. Just make sure it’s the right person. You might need to call the company and find out who the hiring manager is.

Add a link to your blog, website, or work portfolio. Glassdoor.com recently said the same thing. Hyperlinks on your resumé are the new trend, because hiring managers read them on their computer now. They don’t print them out anymore.

Read more at PR Newswire.

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