MSG Sphere

James Dolan, executive chairman of the Madison Square Garden Company, today at Radio City Music Hall unveiled his vision of the future, an intersection of technology and culture that falls under the aegis of MSG Sphere. 

The MSG Sphere is a venue and a concept and will break ground in June in Las Vegas, down the block from the Venetian, and when it opens in 2020 will be a 18,500-seat venue that will unite assorted cutting edge technologies with performance, gaming and corporate events such as auto shows. 

 “No longer is the venue a place to spectate. It’s a place to go and participate,” Dolan told an invited crowd Thursday evening at Radio City where audio and video technology behind MSG Sphere was on display. 

The MSG Sphere is offering a combination of IMAX scaled to the 10th power, audio that defies logic and interconnectivity that smashes previous efforts. Dolan used a gamers event at Madison Square Garden where a sell-out crowd watched a handful of competitors. "Imagine 5,000 vs. 5,000 or 1 vs. 10,000," he said of MSG Sphere’s potential. 

At Radio City Music Hall in NewYork, they demonstrated the distinctions in the audio & video quality. The audio is targeted to each seat so that every person hears the exact same thing. The video is beamed on a screen with a 40,000:1 resolution.

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