Iron Maiden fans only

Iron Maiden Full Concert in HD
"Legacy of the Beast" Tour
Rio de Janeiro  Brasil  4/10/19

00:00 Aces High 
03:05 Where Eagles Dare 
08:59 Minutes to Midnight 
18:14 The Clansman 
27:27 The Trooper 
32:42 Revelations 
39:20 For the Greater Good of God 
48:41 The Wicker Man 
53:25 Sign of the Cross 
1:04:25 Flight of Icarus 
11:00 Fear of the Dark
1:16:25 The Number of the Beast 
1:21:28 Iron Maiden 
1:29:38 The Evil That Men Do 
1:34:07 Hallowed Be Thy Name 
1:41:55 Run to the Hills

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