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"Not in This Lifetime" tour facts...


Number of Performances: 175 Running from 4/1/16 through 11/2/19, Not in This Lifetime became the third longest tour in Guns N’ Roses history in terms of total number of shows. The band’s longest trek remains the Chinese Democracy tour, which totaled 239 concerts from 2001-11.

Total Gross: $584,200,000 By averaging $3.7 million per show, the tour took in more than half a billion dollars, making it the third highest-grossing tour of all time.

Number of Fans Who Attended: 5,371,891 More than 5.3 million people turned out to see Guns N’ Roses during their Not in This Lifetime tour, an average of 40,000 fans per show.

Number of Trucks Used to Haul the Show From City to City: 77 For each performance, the Not in This Lifetime setup required 19 production trucks. On top of that, they had three fleets of 16 trucks each hauling steel rigging to and from tour stops.

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