Retro Van Halen "95

Sammy has released a one minute video of "Aftershock" recorded during the 1995 "Balance" tour...

Sammy says....   
Well, I nearly totally forgot about this song. It was a rough time in the band. I had just gone through a three-year, brutal divorce, and obviously wasn't concerned about my stage outfit hahaha!!! those are actually red Rocker overalls, a prototype. Thank God I never made them hahaha. That’s a bad ass track we will be adding to the Circle setlist. As good as we played on the Balance Tour, there was a darkness that was coming into the band - we weren't having the fun we used to have and you could feel the end of Van Hagar era was coming on this tour. Looking back now, Alex was in the neck brace and Ed was pre-hip surgery & in a lot of pain. Makes me wish we could go back and have taken that whole year off. Makes you wonder what could've been

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