Sammy Hagar up-date

Sammy Hagar, The Complete UCR Interview, 2021...

00:00 Introduction 
00:52 Sammy's new cocktails 
03:39 Rick Springfield 
05:26 Sammy's residency in Las Vegas 
07:53 What fans can expect setlist-wise at the residency shows + playing full albums 
12:00 Special guests Sammy would like to jam with 
13:31 David Lee Roth 
15:43 Jamming with Jerry Garcia 
19:08 Did Sammy almost join The Dead? 
20:40 When Sammy had the chance to join Aerosmith 
21:56 Mammoth WVH 
25:00 Being a solo artist vs. being in a band 
26:46 Standing Hampton album / unreleased songs 
28:00 Van Hagar / The Other Half 
32:33 Are Sammy and Mikey in touch with Alex Van Halen? 
33:26 "I Want Some Action" and unreleased Van Halen music 
37:25 Prince 
38:52 New music/working with Dave Cobb 
43:10 Miles Copeland and the time Steven Seagal opened for Sammy 
46:29 Sammy was considering retirement

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