Top Tours The Last 40 Years

Top Touring Artists rankings released by the concert industry journal Pollstar 
to mark its 40th anniversary. 

Top 15 touring artists with highest reported gross income since 1982...

The Rolling Stones ($2.17 billion) 
U2 ($2.13 billion) 
Elton John ($1.75 billion) 
Bruce Springsteen ($1.53 billion) 
Madonna ($1.39 billion) 
Celine Dion ($1.34. billion) 
Bon Jovi ($1.33 billion) 
Eagles ($1.31 billion) 
Metallica ($1.22 billion) 
Paul McCartney ($1.19 billion) 
Billy Joel ($1.19 billion) 
Kenny Chesney ($1.11 billion) 
Dave Matthews Band ($1.09 billion) 
Coldplay ($1.04 billion) 
Beyoncé ($1.01 billion)

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