Van Halen & Kramer

So this Guy Dennis Berardi is talking to a guy one day telling him how much he loves Edward Van Halen and how he owns a small Guitar company.. after some time the guy says.. Hey do you wanna meet him I’m Van Halen’s Tour Manager and Dennis says Hell yeah… so the guy says here is his address and the numbers to punch in the intercom go on over..and with much delight he does… shows up punches in numbers voice answers he tells his story..gate opens… knocks on the door and Valerie opens and ’The Man’ is right behind her ..He comes in tells Ed about his new small Guitar co. and how different and unique the Guitars will be ..Ed interrupt’s him and says .. Let’s Do It! Dennis asks how much money do you need..King Edward replies… Nothing! let’s do it and put Fender and Gibson out of business….And the rest they say is history!… except the Gibson And Fender Part!

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